Worker Retraining Gaps & Recommendations

Our experience drives our passion for educational excellence. A primary focus for our company is on helping IT training programs meet the needs of hiring managers, and therefore the needs of workers and students in retraining programs. Research we conducted in the fall of 2011 showed us that the demand for skilled IT workers exists for most open positions in the workplace and that matching qualified candidates to these positions is still one of our biggest challenges.

With the right IT skills, workers transition from one career path to another more easily—even though the path itself may be a major strategic shift, such as from construction to health services.

As a result of our research, we propose greater emphasis on mid-range IT skills as a requirement for worker retraining programs. We also support building stronger partnerships between existing programs and industry to ensure training programs target the needs of hiring managers, while also preparing workers for the competitive environment in today’s workplace.

The Bookey Consulting Worker Retraining white paper examines how well the worker retraining programs in Washington State’s community and technical colleges address the needs of IT hiring managers and employers. It maps skills training to vacancies in high-demand occupation areas, examines where gaps exist, and then recommends steps to ensure training aligns with industry needs.

Download our Workfer Retraining Summary or the full Worker Retraining white paper to review this research.

Worker Retraining Summary

Worker Retraining White Paper