Reaching your tribe by story telling

We all love a good story. The human need to connect through a shared narrative goes all the way back to the Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc cave. Now social media provides unprecedented opportunities to tell your story in such a compelling way that it grabs the interest of your potential customers and invites them to become part of your “tribe”—continuing to build on and add credibility to your narrative.

In a crowded market, particularly for commodity products, the success of your marketing initiative can hinge on your ability to build a tribe of users by telling a good story.

One of my favorite recent examples is Headframe Spirits in my hometown of Butte, Montana. Butte is rich with mining history. The smart folks at Headframe Spirits have woven the tapestry of a hard working mining town into high quality “spirits” and their tasting room experience. It gives the liquor a sense of terroir and enriches the experience if you’re lucky enough to get to drink it in the tasting room. 

They’ve done a great job on their website and Facebook pages of making the story a seamless part of the interaction with the product. And they’ve taken advantage of “old school Twitter”— Butte’s powerful and instantaneous grapevine.  During a recent trip, my family heard about the distillery from our cousins on the first day we arrived. They highly recommended it—having not even visited it yet—and they weren’t wrong. It’s already part of my tribal experience of Butte and, look, I’m helping tell the story.