• From Geocaching to Computational Thinking

    By Cynthia Roberts Monday, August 27, 2012 image description

    We know that we aren’t exposing students to computer science concepts (computational thinking) early enough to spark their interest in becoming computer scientists. Outstanding educator Pat Phillips found a way to grab the attention of middle school girls and put them on the path to understanding this field. She created a club to build on […]

  • STEM and a Tale of Two Locales

    By Linda Bookey Monday, August 6, 2012 image description

    The term digital divide is widely used to mean a separation between those who have access to computers/advanced technology and those who don’t. But there’s an additional divide that separates k12 students from their peers.  I call it the aspirational divide after some of the recent anthropological/sociological studies that use attitudes, not income, race or […]