Take the Pledge for CSEdWeek

CSEdWeek is a weeklong celebration when thousands of people celebrate computer science education. This year it begins on December 10.

As small business owners and employees, and equally as parents, we are concerned about the lack of students graduating in STEM fields. We’re seeing students graduating from four-year universities without skills to match the jobs that are currently begging for applicants. While there are great programs available at two-year and tech colleges, students aren’t always aware that they exist,  and/or are unable to meet the prerequisites. 

What we’re doing for CSEdWeek

We’re meeting with a group of woman and minority small business owners to discuss how we can make a difference.  Many of us are already involved in hands-on programs. Those who aren’t see a clear need. We hope to create an ongoing forum that will define and address the workforce issues that matter to us.

And what are you doing for CSEdWeek?

Whatever you are planning, be sure to take the CSEdWeek pledge and remind those participating with you to pledge their support as well.

Find out more about CSEdWeek.