• Nix Ebola: Why is this hack-a-thon different from all other hack-a-thons?

    By Linda Bookey Monday, October 27, 2014 image description

    The subject matter, the expertise of the industry people involved, and the mix of healthcare professionals with game designers. The Bookey Group’s CEO, Linda Bookey, reports from the Shift Labs event this past weekend. We have your typical and necessary hack-a-thon attendees here and are grateful for their presence.  This is a profile of the […]

  • Please call us, but do not call us staff!

    By Linda Bookey Friday, October 24, 2014 image description

    What’s the difference between consulting and staffing, also known as ‘staff augmentation’? Depending on the location, the assignment and the culture of the company sometimes there’s no difference between consulting and staffing. And sometimes depending on the same list above, it’s a hybrid mix. Because I believe everything I read on the Internet, I found […]