• Branding, Blow-outs and how a trip to the SAG awards changed what I think of celebrities

    By Linda Bookey Friday, January 30, 2015 image description

    I read trashy magazines. Not at the hair salon, not when I’m getting my nails done. I get them, delivered to my house, once a month. And when I get them I place them on the floor next to bed. I don’t read them right away. I like to get up on a Saturday morning […]

  • Meet-e-Ator: The Bookey Guide to more productive meetings

    By Linda Bookey Wednesday, January 7, 2015 image description

    We love three hour meetings! The thoughtful back stories, the rumbling tummy, that feeling at the end of the day that you got nothing accomplished, but you sure discussed the heck out of it. With countless meeting hours under our belts, The Bookey Group has developed an assertive method for keeping meeting times to one […]