My Funny Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day.


We love Ella, but we have love for you too!

On this day, we want to send Valentines to some of our favorite sweethearts.

Gravity– our design firm who makes us look amazing. Any questions, check out our website.

Desh Law – Pradnya Desh, Amrita Srivastava, and the rest of the team. Great for routine corporate work, and truly amazing if there’s ever a threat to your company.

Balihoo – clients and friends. Need great video, multi-media, amazing event work? They’re our go to.

We love our clients, and are sending love to:

University of Washington, Bothell, Kelvin Sung of their Computer Science Department is a dream to work with to create a middle school summer camp to teach computer science through building casual games. Proof of concept: both his daughters are now at Harvey Mudd studying CS. Register your kids for the camp at UW Summer Youth programs.

Bloomz, a free teacher app that makes it easy to provide a secure social network to build parent engagement. Wish I had this when my kids were in preschool and on.

We love our clients, and working with them. We also are sending love to our families and friends who support us, encourage us. In the case of our families, thanks for loving us unconditionally – we feel it every day, not just Valentines Day.


Blog_lindaA serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology and education, Linda develops marketing strategies for companies interested in widening their reach into new markets. Her interests include workforce development and STEM outreach to grow the pipeline for women, and underrepresented populations. Linda has built deep relationships with tech influencers, educators, authors and developers and is highly regarded in the community for being a “master connector.” Contact Linda to learn more about The Bookey Group.