What do cheese waste, cell phones and insurance all have in common? Bookey Group.

It’s been a roller coaster over here at Bookey Group. Scary, exciting, wondering what’s around the bend. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to: 

Through their office in Seattle, we mentored two companies in Mexico who want to expand their offerings.  With Polioles, our market feasibility study confirmed that they will move forward with a new clean tech product for the oil and gas industry.  With this green light, they will use cheese waste to create environmentally sustainable for oil and gas production. 

UW Bothell CS Department
UW Bothell CS has a great program to learn how to code by creating computer games.  They asked us to do a feasibility study for a summer camp for middle school students.  We were able to validate demand, and after marketing it to local school districts, it’s sold out for this summer.

Actual fortune cookies we got at a Bookey Group business lunch.

Actual fortune cookies we got at a Bookey Group business lunch.

Gene Juarez Salons
Create content for Gene Juarez’s first magazine? Yes, please! Georgie, Bookey Group’s VP of Creative Services, was happy to jump in and help create the content and featured columns for the Northwest’s favorite high-end salon chain. Georgie interviewed a local author, created blogs, wrote quick hits of copy that ID’ed fashion and beauty trends and GJ’s developed point of sale collateral.

Video and Content Work, in conjunction with our partner Balihoo Productions
We’ve had fun teaming with Balihoo and recommend them highly for multimedia and video work!

Clover Communications
Thanks to a partnership with Balihoo, a creative agency based out of Chicago, IL, the Bookey Group was ‘lucky’ enough to work on the Clover Communications account. This organization manages the telecommunications of some of the biggest companies in the country, negotiating the best rates and making sure they are set up for maximum efficiency. Bookey Group created datasheets for Clover to use at tradeshows and as a ‘leave behind’ for Clover sales professionals.

We did the scriptwriting for this cell phone company giant, shedding light on their shared data services. The brand continuity was strengthened and made eye-catching thanks to beautiful visuals by our friends at Balihoo.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Need a tear-jerking script? Call us — in this case for a story about company culture and embracing diversity. Working with the corporate video director and production manager, the Bookey Group created a script that had us all in tears. Mission accomplished.

We’re expanding our client list. Agile enough to get it done, smart enough to point you in the right direction, The Bookey Group is a specialized marketing agency with business development expertise and creative direction to get you the most out of your marketing budget.

Reach out to Linda or Georgie today, and find out what the Bookey Group can do for you.