When you don’t get that bid you worked on: The personal side of business

We love WSU!

We love WSU!

As a small company, our work comes from existing clients, networking and business development for new customers, and responses to bids from federal and state government agencies.  The latter are far the hardest to do, and we have had some luck with these.  However, we just had one “slip” away, where we were the 2nd choice.

Congratulations to Green Rubino, the agency who will be doing the marketing for the new Wine Science Center and its viticulture and enology programs at WSU Tri-Cities.  They do great work: our consolation is we came in 2nd to a great firm. And we are excited for WSU that they have added this exciting program to the university’s offerings.

It still hurts and yes it’s only business. But guess what…as a small business owner, it’s not only business. It’s your livelihood, your identity, your passion and your family’s future all in one.

So, it hurts a lot.

Owning a small business is tough, and it makes you tough.   Sad or not, you get up the next morning, and start working again.

We have great clients and are passionate about the work we are doing for them. We love our families and friends, and know they will reach out with hugs, chocolate, wine and the other invaluable support that keeps us going.

We also feel like we nailed it – writing the RFP was hard work, but we got it done in a beautiful way. We were one of two companies asked to present to the selection committee. We had a blast working on that, revising, rehearsing, and getting feedback from our business advisor. We did a road trip to the Tri-Cities to present on a gorgeous morning and stayed for wine tastings, food and touring, then drove back in the snow.

Today we felt a little sad but proud of our efforts. And now we keep doing what we love doing. We will hopefully learn from the “debrief” on how to do the next one better.

Tonight we will drink some Washington wine, because we are still proud Cougs whether we won this bid or not.

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