• Field Notes from a Corporate Anthropologist

    By Linda Bookey Friday, February 21, 2020 image description

    What do these have in common: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast, Total Quality Management and Speaking Truth to Power? Absolutely nothing except for my lived experience. I discovered this when I first tried to write a blog tying them together.  Their only commonality is my lived experience.  As a liberal arts major who graduated during […]

  • Please call us, but do not call us staff!

    By Linda Bookey Friday, October 24, 2014 image description

    What’s the difference between consulting and staffing, also known as ‘staff augmentation’? Depending on the location, the assignment and the culture of the company sometimes there’s no difference between consulting and staffing. And sometimes depending on the same list above, it’s a hybrid mix. Because I believe everything I read on the Internet, I found […]